It’s time to open the black boxes!

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07/07/2018, Articles
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On July 14, DiEM25 Advisory Panel member (AP), Danae Stratou, will inaugurate “It’s Time to Open the Black Boxes!” at the Iglesia del Convento de Santo Domingo, Pollença.

The show invites the public to contribute a single word — a word that threatens us, or a word that we desperately hope to protect. In the show, we open the ‘Black Boxes,’ revealing our collective vocabulary and bringing to light our collective fears and hopes. The project investigates the space between art, democracy and political action by focusing on how society responds directly — without parliamentary mediation — to issues that affect it.

The project was first inaugurated in Athens, Greece, (2012). It has since traveled to Krems, Austria, (2016) and Paris, France, (2017) and now in Mallorca, Spain (2018). At the opening on July 14, short welcoming speeches will be delivered by the Mayor of Pollença as well as by the director of the Museu de Pollença, Andreu  Aguilo, the artist Danae Stratou and the curator Ines Muñozcano. The show runs until September 30.

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