A new day in Chile: DiEM25 congratulates Gabriel Boric and the Chilean people on a historic victory

The people of Chile have made history by choosing hope over fear, and democracy over the shadow of dictatorship.

Congratulations to our fellow Progressive International member Gabriel Boric on becoming the youngest-ever president of Chile. He ran a courageous campaign that united people across the country against the far-right and its Establishment supporters.

Barely two years after Chileans rose up against inequality, corruption and privatisation in mass protests, they have done the unthinkable: bringing radical change to the country’s highest office.

As proof that together we can make the impossible become inevitable, Chile’s victory is an inspiration for DiEM25 and MERA25 members and supporters across Europe facing an uphill battle against these same powerful forces.

We too can rise up, and we too can win.


Photo (c) @fotografoencampana (Fernando Ramírez)

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