The Redistribution Games

Life is not the Olympics, where talent and training determine an athlete’s performance. It’s more like a Roman arena in which well-armed gladiators vanquish unarmed victims who lose not because they did not try hard enough, but because of the asymmetrical initial distribution of armor.

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Ethnic cleansing of Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh: A European tragedy

The EU helped set in motion the war of 2020, the ethnic cleansing of 2023, and the attacks that are likely to follow

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Why foreign aid to Africa is counter-productive

Critical questions must be asked about foreign aid: is it actually good for Africa? For what purpose is it intended? Is aid assisting in ...

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Capitalism is dead: Long live Technofeudalism

We have returned to our former status as serfs, contributing to the wealth and power of the new ruling class with our unpaid labour

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The Russell Brand divide

Brand faces allegations of rape and sexual assault, yet this should not descend into a trial by media. Perhaps we should wait for due process ...

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