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Ban Amazon lobbyists from the European Parliament


Over 30 trade unions and civil society groups have signed an open letter supporting the parliamentarians' demand

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DiEM25 supports ‘Make Amazon Pay’ strikes and protests on Black Friday


DiEM25 stands proudly with the Make Amazon Pay coalition ahead on November 24, on the busiest shopping day of the year known as Black Friday

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The big idea: Has the digital economy killed capitalism?



Rather than turbo-charging the free market, Amazon et al have brought back a kind of feudalism

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What goes on inside an Amazon factory, and how workers are fighting back


An Amazon worker in Poland provides an insight into the company's exploitative practices and the tactics that her union uses to push back

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DiEM25 panel: How to make Amazon pay this Black Friday


We discussed the Make Amazon Pay campaign and other potential ways of combating the e-commerce giant's abusive practices

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We will turn Black Friday into Make Amazon Pay Day


Unions, environmentalists and campaign groups pledge to turn Black Friday into Make Amazon Pay Day with strikes and protests against the ...

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No Tech for Apartheid — DiEM TV Christmas Special with Ariel Koren, Bathool Syed and Maja Pelević


Maja Pelević, Bathool Syed and Ariel Koren talk about the campaign of Amazon and Google workers against “project Nimbus”.

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DiEM25 supports the #NoTechForApartheid campaign


We must stop Project Nimbus. Our full support to the brave workers at Google and Amazon who are saying #NoTechForApartheid!

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It’s official: this year #BlackFriday is #MakeAmazonPay day


Amazon faces strikes and protests throughout its supply chain and across 25 countries on Black Friday. It's time to #MakeAmazonPay!

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