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Demands for respect for farmers across Europe: They must be able to live off their work


In light of the massive farmers protests in countries across Europe, the Workers’ Party of Belgium writes about the root causes behind the ...

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We condemn Belgium’s discriminatory ‘Dutch only’ proposal in schools


Flemish Minister of Education wants a ban on speaking other languages other than Dutch in schools

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Belgians are in a state of political apathy



Around every corner, there seems to be a major talking point that should be troubling the Belgian people, yet the public seems stuck in a state ...

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‘Dying to be regularised’: 100+ artists and thinkers sign open letter in support of Brussels’ hunger strikers


More than 100 artists and prominent personalities have co-signed an open letter in support of the Brussels hunger-strikers.

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Stand as a candidate for one of our National Collectives


Apply before 24 January to stand as a candidate for one of our National Collectives in Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Turkey or Spain.

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“Free Assange!” protests are taking place every Monday in Brussels 


The 92nd protest in support of Julian Assange in Brussels took place on Monday 4 January and will continue until he is free!

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SOS! European hospitals are struggling


Healthcare workers have been warning us about increasing austerity cuts since before COVID-19. Governments must reinvest in public services.

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