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Climate change

Capitalism vs Climate change: it’s urgent to take sides


To fight for climate change does not mean to fight for new/better policies but to fight against capitalism.

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Our climate crisis is also a crisis of democracy and imagination


A member of our local group in Munich explains why we should all support the ‘#Raus-aus-der-Steinkohle’ campaign.

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Poverty and Climate Change

Fighting poverty should not derail environmental goals


Poverty alleviation can jeopardise climate change goals, scientists say. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen.

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The environmental disaster that doesn’t make headlines

The environmental disaster that doesn’t make headlines


While the world focuses on climate change, the EU is failing to address another critical environmental problem: the health of our seas.

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Germany: among the top 10 coal-producing countries

German elections, science and climate change


We should envision the next German chancellor addressing all criticism on matters of climate change by accelerating Germany’s green transition ...

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This park is now closed and has gone online


Humanity needs to materialise the over and over talked, written and argued about “mind shift”: reconnecting the individual with his natural ...

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