The environmental disaster that doesn’t make headlines

The environmental disaster that doesn’t make headlines

When we talk about environmental crises these days, we tend to emphasis global warming (aka ‘climate change’). Even if this is a vital topic, we shouldn’t lose sight on other environmental concerns — like the health of our planet’s seas.
Recently the EU organised the conference “Our Ocean” on this subject. Let’s have a look at the speakers: many prime ministers and presidents, EU commissioners, CEOs and bankers. The conference results included new commitments to save the oceans, several billions of Euro pledged, and more sea area to protect.
You might think these promises are on the right track, but the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), is much more concerned. Just before the conference, WWF published a report on the critical decline of the ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea. Mass tourism, bad fishing practices and unregulated exploitation are creating an unsustainable future for the region.
WWF proposed concrete actions to address these problems; to balance and restore the Mediterranean environment. As did Greenpeace. Yet none of these proposals are being discussed, never mind acted on. All we have are commitments and pledges.
We should all be skeptical about EU conferences that don’t bring together all voices, that don’t promote dialogue with the civil society groups and scientists whose views must be considered in order to tackle our most pressing problems. As DiEMers, we support actions to create a sustainable and balanced environment. That’s why green technologies and environmental consciousness are top priorities of our economic and social policy platform. Let’s get behind it!

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