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DiEM25 in Cyprus statement on the result of the Cypriot presidential election


After a disastrous election result, DiEM25 in Cyprus is gearing up to take a more central role in Cypriot politics

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Cyprus: A disastrous decade where the elites tightened their grip



Even as Anastasiades’ presidency comes to an end, the endemic incompetence, nepotism and corruption in the Cypriot political system means hopes ...

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DiEM25 in Cyprus’ position on 2023 Cypriot presidential election second round


DiEM25 Cyprus takes a stand and joins forces with progressives that support the candidacy of Andreas Mavroyiannis

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DiEM25 in Cyprus statement on the 2023 Cypriot presidential election


After a ten-year presidency that has seen scandal after scandal, and the widening of the economic gap between the rich and the majority of ...

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Cyprus visit: Launch of DiEM25 branch and meetings on both sides of the divide


Our delegation was there for the launch of DiEM25 in Cyprus as well as meetings with organisations on both sides of the divide

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DiEM25 and MeRA25 to visit Cyprus from November 23-25


Our delegation and local members will visit the island for the launch of DiEM25 Cyprus and take part in important meetings and discussions

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DiEM25 Cyprus takes part in Internationalist Camping Event in Karpasia


DiEM25 Cyprus participated with other local and international progressive collectives in the Internationalist Camping Event in Karpasia

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DiEM25 in Cyprus condemns unilateral €940 gross minimum wage


The decision by the DISY government serves the interests of employers and oligarchs, whom they politically (always) represent

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Akamas: Cyprus’ ecological treasure is under attack from its government


The peninsula, which accounts for 15% of the island’s greenery, is the target of private investors, facilitated by opaque government plans

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