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Ecuador’s democracy is under attack


Inside of Ecuador, the electoral authorities attempted an unprecedented vote "recount" that threatened to derail the democratic process.

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Progressive International election observer mission lands in Ecuador


The PI has sent a delegation of MPs and experts to observe Ecuador’s presidential and National Assembly elections on 7 February.

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The Progressive International will send an observer delegation to Ecuador


We hope to witness the people of Ecuador exercise their rights freely and fairly, and to send a powerful signal in defence of democracy everywhere.

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WikiLeaks founder and DiEM25 member Julian Assange arrested!


Julian Assange's arrest: a chilling demonstration of the current disregard for Human Rights and freedom of speech by establishment powers and ...

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Mr. Varoufakis was received by the President-elect of the Republic, Mr. Lenin Moreno

DiEM25 co-founder Yanis Varoufakis meets with Ecuador's President-elect Lenín Moreno in official visit


DiEM25's co-founder meets with the outgoing President, the President-elect, the Foreign Minister, and top economic officials.

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