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Excessive police violence during Extinction Rebellion blockade in The Hague


Dutch police used excessive violence against Extinction Rebellion (XR) during last Saturday’s blockade of the A12 motorway in The Hague

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DiEM25 endorses upcoming XR road blockade against fossil subsidies in The Hague


On February 3, XR will block the road between the parliament and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate in the Hague, and DiEM25 will be there

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Can Extinction Rebellion’s surprise success in the Netherlands be replicated?


As the COP 28 talks flounder, European movements are shifting their strategy in an attempt to emulate a major Dutch victory against fossil fuel ...

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The killing of Gaza’s environment



It’s still difficult to grasp the toll being inflicted, day by day, week by week, not just on Gaza’s infrastructure and civilian life but on its ...

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E89: COP28 – A new path or same old mistakes?


Can Europe lead the way towards a sustainable future with climate justice? And, if so, how?

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COP28: A lobbying conference for the biggest polluters



Those who are destroying our planet will gather to preach that we are all in the same boat and that everyone needs to do their part

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A new name for paradise beyond ‘Degrowth’ and ‘Green New Deal’


What is degrowth and what is a Green New Deal? What do they have in common? What is happening with those concepts nowadays in Europe? Why do we ...

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Legally protecting nature: The power of recognising ‘ecocide’


On World Environment Day, Stop Ecocide International executive director Jojo Mehta provides an introduction to ‘ecocide law’

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Why is ecofeminism so relevant to our time?


Feminine emancipation is now no longer an end in itself but is considered to be the means to stop the destruction of the planet

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