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DiEM25 in the Netherlands kicks off 2023 with Utrecht event


The evening included an interactive discussion on the Green New Deal for Europe and the presentation of DiEM25NL’s plans for 2023

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Big corporations’ attitude towards unions raises need for Green Jobs Collective



As the likes of Amazon and Starbucks do their best to clampdown on employee rights, DiEM25’s Green Jobs Collective provides a platform for much ...

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The Green New Deal for Europe with James K. Galbraith and David Adler [video]


Our special guest James K. Galbraith and David Adler answer all your burning Green New Deal questions in this exclusive DiEM TV programme.

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Last Month in DiEM25: March 2021


Now, more than ever, we need a strong, capable movement to push ahead our common-sense agenda for Europe and its people.

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Women and girls are ignored in the pact on migration and asylum of the EU


The EU should reassess women and girls’ migration policies because their vulnerabilities are neither accounted for nor are they addressed.

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Grassroots communities lead the way forward in times of political uncertainty


DiEM25's thematic group on Gender reflect on the World Day of Social Justice and invites you to a webinar on 26 of February at 21:30 CET!

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We need to radically reimagine the way we travel and commute



The oil and automotive industries’ attempts to spread misinformation about electric vehicles is a bid to protect a harmful business model.

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The Holberg Debate: Is global stability a pipe dream?


Amidst a global pandemic, economic instability, persistent armed conflicts and the climate crisis, Varoufakis calls for tackling systemic threats.

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The Left must build a new green common-sense


The Green New Deal for Europe offers a route for the Left to build a politics of emancipation that captures the imagination of the people.

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