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A new name for paradise beyond ‘Degrowth’ and ‘Green New Deal’


What is degrowth and what is a Green New Deal? What do they have in common? What is happening with those concepts nowadays in Europe? Why do we ...

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DiEM25 in the Netherlands kicks off 2023 with Utrecht event


The evening included an interactive discussion on the Green New Deal for Europe and the presentation of DiEM25NL’s plans for 2023

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DiEM25’s Dusan Pajovic discusses Green New Deal on Upstream podcast


DiEM25’s Dusan Pajovic appeared on the Upstream podcast to discuss the Green Transition and, specifically, our proposal for a Green New Deal.

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DiEM25 backs campaign to halt EU Commission’s anti-privacy legislation


We are among over 100 civil society and professional organisations that have signed a letter to uphold privacy, security and free expression

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DiEM25 supports Occupy: End Fossil Now campaign


DiEM25 is backing the Occupy: End Fossil Now campaign which is arranging a series of youth-led protests in the coming months to put an end to ...

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Europe will only be green when it overthrows its oligarchy



The European Commission's 'Green Deal' is woefully inadequate. We need Europeans on the streets and MeRA25 in parliaments

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The real answer to our sustainable energy needs


Whether wind, solar, gas or nuclear, incentivising private finance is not going to solve climate change.

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E52: Can nuclear energy solve climate change?


We takes on nuclear energy. Can it solve climate change like some are suggesting, or is it just a path to destruction?

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Nuclear is not green


To be clear, nuclear power is not green. And it cannot be. It is not a good end goal, nor a transitioning solution.

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