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The invisible labour of women keeps our societies and economies going


Care work performed by women is not valued as economically relevant; more often it is either unpaid or badly remunerated.

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Chris Smalls: “Now is the time” to confront corporate oligarchy


Amazon worker turned organiser Chris Smalls continues the fight against Jeff Bezos' Amazon, calling for a US general strike on election day.

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The mainstream media, not Corbyn, is the true cult endangering British politics


Neoliberal mainstream media is engorged on its profits in societies merging with a hell of poverty, austerity and destitution.

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Why UK Progressives Should Look To DiEM25


The UK Left currently finds itself in disarray. A people-powered movement like DiEM25 could be a way of organizing for progressive policies.

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Message to our British and European comrades


When results are bad, the stakes are even higher. But so is the need for an even greater determination.

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