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DiEM25 and MERA25 declaration: Peace Now!


The wars in and around Gaza as well as in Ukraine cannot be resolved militarily. There can be no military victory that will not spawn more war ...

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International Day of Peace: Proposing real solutions


International Day of Peace must mean the beginning of ceasefire in all wars, an immediate engagement of diplomacy to end existing conflicts and ...

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Next year in Jerusalem: The Serbian Embassy and Kosovo go on pilgrimage with Trump



For the general populations, the Kosovo-Serbia moratorium agreement offers a lose-lose with lasting negative international consequences.

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No false “Pax Mediterranea”


Let us divert the billions poured on war preparations towards dealing with the human catastrophes we are witnessing in the Mediterranean.

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The Denier of Love, Capitalism!


Radical love and compassion is urgently needed to face imminent threats noted by Noam Chomsky; nuclear annihilation and environmental catastrophe.

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How people’s assemblies could give peace a chance


Where women have seized the opportunity to lead, they have accomplished incredible feats on behalf of themselves and their communities. By ...

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The Green New Deal needs an anti-war message


The Green New Deal can only succeed as an internationalist campaign.

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Democracy is a global struggle


The fight for democracy in Europe cannot be uncoupled from the struggle for justice around the world.

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