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We express our support for the protestors in Serbia


In May, consecutive mass shootings left 18 people dead in Serbia. As Vučić failed to respond, mass protests have erupted across the country

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Saša Savanović: Tragedy and turmoil in Serbia



The recent spurt of mass shootings has not only driven widespread protests against the Vučić government, but provoked a deeper reflection on ...

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Serbia, algorithmic discrimination rehearsals


A new law on social services in Serbia provides for the collection of a large amount of personal data of beneficiaries, to be analysed with an ...

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The complexities of EU accession for Serbia and Montenegro


EU accession is far from straightforward for Balkan countries with many factors involved regardless of whether a country wants to join or not

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Government and police side with fascists in Montenegro


During the country’s Statehood Day, there was a peaceful celebration of antifascists. Yet police opted to defend the fascists who interrupted ...

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People’s Gatherings are taking place across Europe: Join the conversation!


If you are based in Serbia, Belgium or the UK, you can partake in Gatherings to discuss the key issues facing your country today.

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Next year in Jerusalem: The Serbian Embassy and Kosovo go on pilgrimage with Trump



For the general populations, the Kosovo-Serbia moratorium agreement offers a lose-lose with lasting negative international consequences.

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DiEM25 condemns Aleksandar Vučić’s violent takedown of Serbian protesters


Serbian progressive organisations and political parties, including DiEM25 local groups in Novi Sad and Belgrade, are demanding the immediate ...

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How to win it all and ruin everything: the Serbian elections and COVID-19


A rise in COVID-19 cases after the Serbian elections is the result of the irresponsible and power-ridden politics of president Aleksandar Vučić.

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