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Appeal made to ICC for Von der Leyen’s ‘complicity in war crimes and genocide’


This legal brief, endorsed by various human rights groups and prominent academics and experts in international criminal law, calls the ...

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Time’s up, Mrs Von der Leyen


Ursula von der Leyen, you belong in front of a judge, not in any position of power. You are an accomplice to genocide, the blood of innocent ...

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The EU’s funding and support for Israeli arms companies


In the same way that the clock on Israel's occupation of Palestine didn't start on October 7, neither did the EU's friendship with Israel

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Petition: We demand the resignation of Ursula von der Leyen


The European Commission president has violated the European Union's legal framework and disregarded basic moral decency

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Von der Leyen is harnessing the power of public gullibility



It’s time Europeans realised that their leaders are using Russia merely as a ruse to increase their own wealth and expand their power

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EU authoritarianism: Two sides of the same coin


The far-right and the neoliberal Establishment. Why does the European Council want to punish one while cheering on the other?

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The EU’s Green Deal isn’t enough to save us from climate catastrophe


The substantial inertia of governments on the climate crisis clearly showcases the political crisis of the European Union.

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