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The invisible labour of women keeps our societies and economies going


Care work performed by women is not valued as economically relevant; more often it is either unpaid or badly remunerated.

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Celebrating women and combating structural inequalities


As a feminist movement, DiEM25 is committed to addressing the issues that women and LGBTQIA+ people face.

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Zero tolerance for female genital mutilation


DiEM25's thematic group on Gender calls out the practice of female genital mutilation as an expression of deeply entrenched gender inequalities.

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Poland’s abortion ban, a warning for all women* in Europe



Every one of us must stand in solidarity with fellow Poles. Decisions about our bodily autonomy should not be left in the hands of any state.

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How people’s assemblies could give peace a chance


Where women have seized the opportunity to lead, they have accomplished incredible feats on behalf of themselves and their communities. By ...

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Women on the frontline against COVID-19 pandemic


The most asked question in France, after the shutdown of schools, was: since women constitute 70% of hospital staff, who is going to take care ...

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Why women are advocating for a Green New Deal for Europe


Women that are a part of the DiEM25 movement support the Green New Deal for Europe for a variety of reasons. Read their statements on ...

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Why environmental breakdown is a gendered issue


The effects of environmental breakdown have a gendered dimension - a holistic transformation of the economy is needed to address it. The Green ...

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