Yanis Varoufakis on his testimony in Spanish case against UC Global

Yanis Varoufakis testified in a Spanish court case against UC Global on 27 October.

UC Global is a security agency that illegally collected personal documents — including passports — and conversations from Julian Assange and his visitors during his time at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

These are his remarks after his testimony.

“I just came out of the court house here in Athens where I testified to the Spanish judicial authorities in a case against UC Global, a company that was hired by the American authorities to spy on us — that is on all those of us who visited Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy during his incarceration there.

I saw material that is shameful, I saw videos of myself, I saw photographs of my wife’s visa, I’ve seen transcriptions of my private conversations with Julian Assange. Of course, none of that is a great surprise, but none of us at the same time have the right to accept this as normal.

We have to fight against this normality of transparent citizens and opaque dictators, opaque governments, opaque Ministers of Defense.

MeRA25, our political party, DiEM25, our pan-European movement, and the Progressive International, is going to do whatever it takes to turn the tables on those who are killing Julian Assange, as we speak, in Britain’s Guantanamo Bay by incarcerating him 23 hours every day and night in strict isolation. We are going to turn the tables on them, and turn them into the accused.

The accused of crimes against humanity and of trying effectively to annihilate Julian Assange for the great crime of doing journalism, of telling us what our governments have been doing in our name behind our backs.”

Find out more about the case and see the material here

Photo Source: Still from video material related to the case. 

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