A statement of Solidarity with the people of Brazil

Renata Ávila
29/10/2018, Uncategorized
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DiEM25 is extremely concerned about the results of the Brazilian election, which has brought to power an extreme-right regime. We express solidarity and support to all Brazilians during this difficult time — especially the opposition, which Jair Bolsonaro has threatened with persecution and violence.

To the people of Brazil, we say:

Don’t be paralysed by fear. Get organised. Educate those who were misled to vote against their interests. Exercise constructive disobedience. Watch closely public policies, institutional developments, and budget allocations. Do not let Bolsonaro’s hate speech lead the way.

Build a progressive agenda of your own and promote it. Connect with other movements across the world, and create a common space for resistance, as we are trying to do with our Progressive International.

Stay united, creative and politically active.

Fight the old and build the new!

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