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Our radical proposal to democratise technology


The Tech Pillar we present today proposes a Europe which puts citizens before companies, sustainability before narrow profit and responsibility ...

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Chile protests: resistance to a failed economic system


The moment that Chile lives today is a precious opportunity to change a system branded as the only alternative.

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Democracy is a global struggle


The fight for democracy in Europe cannot be uncoupled from the struggle for justice around the world.

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A statement of Solidarity with the people of Brazil


We at DiEM25 express solidarity and support to all Brazilians during this difficult time — especially the opposition, which Jair Bolsonaro has ...

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Julian Assange’s new ‘visits and communications’ regime is a small victory, but DiEM25 will continue pushing for his freedom


The new “protocol” regulating Julian Assange’s visits, communications and right to medical assistance remain inhumane. We will continue pushing ...

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The international community must condemn the actions of the Nicaraguan government


The Nicaraguan government has tried to silence students’ demands for social justice, accountability and opening of democratic spaces with bullets.

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The EU is killing our democratic spaces using copyright as a Trojan horse


DiEM25’s position on Copyright Reform: democratise technology instead of allowing it to be used as a giant censorship machine in the interest of ...

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Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Lula's imprisonment: What’s at stake is the legitimacy of the elections and the stability of a region


The conviction and imprisonment of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is an offensive against the Brazilian people and their right to democratic ...

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