A tragic milestone in the EU’s treatment of refugees

Today is a shameful day: it’s the one-year anniversary of the EU-Turkey deal on refugees that’s tearing families apart, inflicting unnecessary suffering on people who have already suffered the unimaginable and sending the worst message to the world about the values of Europe, our common home.
That’s why at DiEM25 we launched #StopTheDeal, a campaign to take the EU-Turkey refugee deal to court in a bid to save the life of Shabbir Iqbal – a Pakistani refugee trapped in Lesvos, Greece – and improve the lives of millions.

Shabbir Iqbal

Shabbir Iqbal

So how is the campaign going? Well, Shabbir’s case is still active and is making its way through the European Court of Justice. The fight goes on, but things are not looking bright. The recent ECJ rulings on other refugee cases look likely to complicate the situation. And unfortunately, Shabbir remains in Lesvos, away from his wife and children and in poor health.
But we remain behind Shabbir, and won’t let him down… nor the millions like him. So we’re asking you to please sign and share this petition to help us raise awareness about Shabbir and our struggle to #StopTheDeal.
You can also write to your representatives (we have a template letter to make this easier). And, of course, you can join DiEM25 and discover how our movement is fighting to transform the EU to create a better future for all.
Thank you for being part of this vital struggle!
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