Alexandra Koronaiou joins MeRA25 from SYRIZA

MeRA25 has welcomed professor of Panteion University and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Alexandra Koronaiou, to the party.

Koronaiou, who recently left SYRIZA, has a long history of research in areas such as sociology of youth, the rise of right-wing extremism and radicalism among young people, sociology of work and free time, education, and gender issues.

She was welcomed to MeRA25’s offices on Monday by General Secretary Yanis Varoufakis along with members of the Policy Secretariat Sissy Velissariou and Maria Karakitsou and Co-Coordinator of the Central Committee Costas Daskas.

“The greatest threat to a nation is the suppression of the dreams of its youth. In conditions of permanent debt slavery, which the (political) parties in favour of Brussels-imposed austerity have legitimized and are covering up, our young people are forced to choose either to emigrate or to accept substandard education, police violence and degrading working conditions,” Yanis Varoufakis said.

“It is an honour and a pleasure to have Alexandra Koronaiou with us in MERA25, not only for the political struggle without which hope refuses to return, but also because she will contribute her rich pan-European research experience on youth issues in the context of the research project of mέta – the Centre for Post-Capitalist Civilisation. Alexandra, welcome.”

Alexandra Koronaiou mentioned the factors that pushed her to join MeRA25, with her passion for helping youth a primary reason.

“Thank you to all at MERA25 and mέta for your warm welcome. Yes, indeed, there is a great need for the Left to listen to the youth through modern means, instead of taking them for granted,” she began.

“MeRA25 resonates with the youth because, while talking to them about things that concern them (e.g. how digital technologies are a threat but also tools for liberation), it does not try to exploit them.

“Our aim should be to co-design the necessary ‘diagnostic’ tools for the needs and desires of young people. We do not only observe but co-formulate. All the more so now that sister parties of MERA25 are being founded in Germany, Italy and later in Cyprus, the Netherlands and maybe Romania.”

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