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Varoufakis to Cuba ambassador: ΜeRΑ25-DiEM25 against US asphyxiation of Cubans


The new Ambassador of Cuba to Greece, Mr Aramís Fuente Hernández, paid a visit to MeRA25’s Secretary in Parliament

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Alexandra Koronaiou joins MeRA25 from SYRIZA


MeRA25 Greece has welcomed professor of Panteion University, and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, to the party

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DiEM25 launches its political party in Italy: MERA25


MERA25 Italy becomes our movement’s third national political party

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Greek oligarchy is going after MeRA25’s Kleon Gregoriadis after calling out Russian oil hypocrisy


The MeRA25 MP called out Mitsotakis’ hypocrisy of protecting shipping magnates in light of their transportation of Russian oil

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DiEM25 to gather in Bologna to discuss radical change in Italy


DiEM25 is hosting an event in Bologna, Italy on October 15, to hold a space for activists and sympathisers of our cause

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DiEM25 announces the launch of its third political party in Europe: MERA25 in Italy


While the recent elections in Italy may have dampened the spirits of those on the left, there is no longer reason to despair.

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A day in Bremen: Prosperity for the many instead of wealth for the few


Activists from MERA25 and DiEM25 in Germany met for a day of workshops and an evening event in Bremen that was both militant and loving 

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Varoufakis presses Mitsotakis over illegal pushbacks


Forensic Architecture's investigation published on Friday reveals in shocking detail the crime of illegal pushbacks by the Greek government

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Greek referendum anniversary: The battle goes on


To understand what we are facing in 2022 in the European Union, we need to understand what happened in Greece in 2015

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