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Roger Waters comes out in support of MERA25 Germany


Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters has publicly expressed his support of MERA25 Germany in the upcoming EU elections

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DiEM25’s Germany tour: Yanis Varoufakis on peace in the Middle East and justice for people in Germany


The tour aims to talk up the prospect of peace in the Middle East, justice for the people in Germany and to revitalise MERA25 in the country

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We need you, now! Help MERA25 Germany make the ballot in 2024


Our candidates are ready, our campaign narrative is set and now we need your help to collect 5,000 signatures

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MERA25 Germany presents official candidates for 2024 European elections


MERA25 Germany presents official candidates for the 2024 European elections under the slogan "Live and Decide Independently"

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MeRA25 denounces furthering Greek involvement in Ukraine and Middle East wars


DiEM25 party accuses the Greek government of being a yes-man to its transatlantic hegemons and urges a foreign policy of non-alignment

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The party of realistic disobedience is here


MERA25 has launched an Open Dialogue on the subject of programmatic, truly leftist, humanist resistance to the plunder of people and nature by ...

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The mass deaths of refugees and the responsibility of Greek society


Throughout Europe - and more recently in Greece - we are witnessing a surge in xenophobia, in the form of aggressive tolerance of mass deaths

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Shaking up the Hessian state election: Our quest for parliament!


MERA25 is running in the Frankfurt neighbourhoods of Nordend, Bornheim and Ostend for the Hessian state parliament on October 8, 2023

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The main resolutions of the MeRA25 Central Committee: 9 July 2023


The main resolutions of the 8th Meeting of the Central Committee of MeRA25 on 9 July 2023

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