EU elections: We’re ready to unite Europe for peace, freedom, and dignity

We’re ready to unite Europe for peace, freedom, and dignity. MERA25 parties have candidates in Germany, Greece, and Italy poised to transform the voice of the European Parliament.

On June 9, Europeans have a unique opportunity to choose the only path that can lead them to the peace, freedom, and dignity that Europe has long promised but never fully delivered. The MERA25 candidates are united in their priorities: peace, freedom, dignity, and the green transition.

Among these priorities, one stands out as foundational: peace. Resolving the conflicts currently afflicting Europe, with aggressors committing crimes against humanity, is essential for achieving the other goals. Ending Israel’s aggression against the Palestinians and the genocide being carried out, as well as stopping the Russian invasion of Ukraine, largely depends on European leaders promoting genuine peace processes.

The failure to pursue peaceful solutions highlights the need for the changes MERA25 advocates: demilitarising European countries, decoupling Europe’s defence capacity from NATO, socialising the economy by centring citizens in all policies, democratising institutions with values of freedom and equality, and investing in a genuine green transition that guarantees social rights and protects our planet.

In the 21st century, half-measures in democracy are no longer acceptable. MERA25 demands full democracy now. That’s why they declare:

No to this Europe

Peace. Dignity. Freedom.

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