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Roger Waters comes out in support of MERA25 Germany


Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters has publicly expressed his support of MERA25 Germany in the upcoming EU elections

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We need you, now! Help MERA25 Germany make the ballot in 2024


Our candidates are ready, our campaign narrative is set and now we need your help to collect 5,000 signatures

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MERA25 Germany presents official candidates for 2024 European elections


MERA25 Germany presents official candidates for the 2024 European elections under the slogan "Live and Decide Independently"

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Today, DiEM25 has every reason to celebrate. Tomorrow we get down to work, again – message to our magnificent activists


We have planted a beautiful, radical idea in the minds of Europeans. Our task is now to help this seed of hope grow.

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European transnational solidarity in action: Athens Labour Day 2019


DiEM25 members from 20 different countries joined their MeRA25 counterparts in Greece to send a loud message to the Greek and European Establishment.

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