Naomi Klein on how MERA25 could shake up the European Parliament

Naomi Klein has given a glowing endorsement to MERA25 ahead of the European Elections, identifying the party as the one that can make meaningful change in multiple key areas. This is what she had to say:

MERA25 has stood with Palestine from the beginning, advocating for peace and fighting against oppression. We need to ensure that MERA25‘s voices are heard in the European Parliament, where they can shake up the status quo and be fierce and committed advocates for justice and peace. We need them to fight for an end to endless wars and occupation.

To fight for a universal living income as well as a people’s green transition, which means a people’s transition paid for by the richest that leaves no one behind. You have a chance to make a real difference in this election on June 9. So elect some real champions who will bring the voices of social movements into the houses of power.

This is an incredibly important moment for Europe and the whole world. The far right is rising. And Europe risks sliding into authoritarianism, but it is not too late to stop this slide. These elections are so critical though, because the far right is not the only problem. It’s the policies of establishment parties that created the context for the far right to flourish.

The austerity, the poverty, the tax dodging, the concentration of wealth, and the endless wars. Fighting the right means providing real alternatives that recognize that the system really is broken and it’s failing people, but that offers real solutions that don’t pit people against each other. There are alternatives, particularly if you’re voting in Greece, Italy, and Germany, because then you can vote for MERA25.

Which is one of the only parties advocating for policies that get at the root causes of all of these crises. Good luck.

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