All eyes on Rafah

In Rafah a new round of horrors has begun. More than a million Palestinians, forced into the ‘safe-zone’ of Rafah, are now meeting death by genocide. The umpteenth evacuation order is issued, shortly before bombs drop from the skies, heralding an impending execution. Israeli tanks, amassed by the Rafah crossing, perform target practice on tents while drones select more children for death. 

Israel, having failed to achieve any military objectives, is set to continue clearing Gaza of life. By occupying the Rafah crossing, it has total control over the terrain. The promise of Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant on October 9 – of no food, no water, no electricity and no fuel for Gaza – can now be delivered with certainty. 

No stranger to defying international law and treaty obligations, Israel is now in breach of the peace treaty with Egypt by occupying the Philadelphi Corridor along the border with that country. Egypt, itself ruled under a brutal military dictatorship, remains silent. Our European institutions are yet to lift a finger – while continuing to fail their duties under international law. 

Supporters of the Student Encampment at the University of Amsterdam – 8 May 2024           By: Niamh Ní Bhriain-TNI


As with every struggle for justice, we must turn to ourselves and, through mass mobilisation, bring justice for Palestinians. The historic occupations of university halls by staff and students alike is a giant step forward in the struggle for liberation. As more and more campuses join the encampments, and as the masks come off, the public pressure will turn its attention to other sectors of society. 

Unions, which have largely been silent in the West, are now emerging from their slumber. Tech workers see their role in the genocide and want no more part to it. Artists, knowing the power of their platform, are inspiring resistance. And countless more examples that are joining this giant wave of humanity to end the genocide of Palestinians. 

Our work however does not end there – we must continue our struggle to end the barbaric system of settler colonialism in Israel and replace it with a single democratic and secular state for all inhabitants of historic Palestine

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