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Biofuels cartoon

Biofuels should fight climate change, not serve capital


Biofuel industry is geared away from sustainability and toward investor greed. We need to develop new democratic and transparent decision-making ...

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#DefendAfrin is over, but not yet


What is there left to say on a dark day like today? How can we even respond with words to what has happened in Afrin? The truth is, we can’t ...

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Kasia and Elisa aus dem Bundeskollektiv, Foto: Marcin Gajewski

Defend Afrin – we shall overcome!


  Afrin, you are more than just the horrible pictures of wounded men and women and children that make me cry.

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Returning Hope to Greece and Europe — With Your Help


In just three weeks we launch MeRA25, our 'electoral wing' in Greece. Here's how you can help make it a success.

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The EU is planning a radical overhaul of financial programme


The European Commission is hoping that the Eurozone budget and other measures will shore the union up to withstand any further shocks

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EU militarism

A war on our values


German and France defense ministers urge greater military spending to fight terrorism. It is progressives to challenge the war-mongering and ...

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Far right lobby pushes for EU deregulation


The plans call for the EU’s ‘Precautionary Principle’ — which places an onus on traders to prove that something is safe before it is sold — to ...

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Germany and the SPD’s Future on a Knife-edge


The SPD’s inability to present a clear alternative to prevailing neoliberalism and austerity has been a boon to the AfD and a capitulation to ...

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