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It is official: DiEM25 has an electoral wing in Germany


On Saturday, 2 June, 70 members from all over Germany came together in Frankfurt to found the electoral wing “Demokratie in Europa DiEM25” and ...

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MeRA25 is charging ahead with the development of its political programme


Last week, MeRA25 members gathered to discuss a wide range of policy priorities in order to develop a diverse, coherent, and comprehensive ...

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DiEM25 salutes the Spanish parliament’s decision to move past Rajoy to a new era of change


Spain must now seize the opportunity not only to halt austerity, but also to repair and rebuild our common European project.

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A necessary utopia: open debate on the role of DiEM25 in the event of elections in Italy


Take part in the open discussion about the prospects of DiEM25 in Italy, in case of early elections.

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LGBT rights are not negotiable: equality and equity now!


May 14 reminded us that LGBT rights demand attention throughout a divided Europe.

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“Just be fair”: when does journalism undermine its own reputation?


I don't think there is any doubt that the powerful entities exposed by WikiLeaks want to destroy it and I don't think there is any doubt that ...

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DiEM25 – Italy holds first National Assembly


Over the last two months in Italy, 20 regional assemblies have been held that have elected as many regional coordinators. And on Saturday 19 and ...

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Europe must distance itself from the Israeli government


Europe must condemn an American foreign policy that is blatantly guided by cynical geopolitical goals in the region, for the sake of which the ...

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