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Struggle, now!


Three students were brutally beaten by right-wing assailants in in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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WikiLeaks founder and DiEM25 member Julian Assange arrested!


Julian Assange's arrest: a chilling demonstration of the current disregard for Human Rights and freedom of speech by establishment powers and ...

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Remembering Paweł Adamowicz: we must not let hate take over


Our thoughts are with all Polish citizens who want to commemorate Mayor Adamowicz and go out on the streets in silent protest marches against ...

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COP24: Another Climate Cop-Out


Far too little was achieved — and with climate destruction on the horizon, Katowice will mostly be remembered for the common "rulebook" of ...

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Belgian-Canadian student and DiEM25 member faces up to 8 years in prison after attending protest in Hungary


A Belgian-Canadian university student and DiEM25 member is facing up to eight years of jail-time after being arrested during a spontaneous ...

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Clean cars, green jobs


The new EU target of 37.5% reduction in new car emissions by 2030 needs to be backed up by sufficient investment in green technology and jobs.

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US midterm elections: the fight continues!


In spite of fear, fake news and voter suppression, Americans proved that hope survives. Let’s keep this light burning!

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A statement of Solidarity with the people of Brazil


We at DiEM25 express solidarity and support to all Brazilians during this difficult time — especially the opposition, which Jair Bolsonaro has ...

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