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Syria calling!

Europe: Syria calling!


The Syrian crisis is not only a crisis in Syria. It is also a crisis of Europe itself.

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You are a member of DiEM25 – MeRA25? You’re fired! Political persecutions in 2018


We received a message today which shocked us. We share it withholding the names of those involved, for obvious reasons. “So, I lived to see ...

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Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Lula's imprisonment: What’s at stake is the legitimacy of the elections and the stability of a region

The conviction and imprisonment of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is an offensive against the Brazilian people and their right to democratic ...

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The UE’s democratic deficit : What should be the role of political parties ?


Recently, DSC Lyon 1 was invited to participate in a seminar hosted by the Union of European Federalists

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Biofuels cartoon

Biofuels should fight climate change, not serve capital


Biofuel industry is geared away from sustainability and toward investor greed. We need to develop new democratic and transparent decision-making ...

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#DefendAfrin is over, but not yet


What is there left to say on a dark day like today? How can we even respond with words to what has happened in Afrin? The truth is, we can’t ...

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Kasia and Elisa aus dem Bundeskollektiv, Foto: Marcin Gajewski

Defend Afrin – we shall overcome!


  Afrin, you are more than just the horrible pictures of wounded men and women and children that make me cry.

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Returning Hope to Greece and Europe — With Your Help


In just three weeks we launch MeRA25, our 'electoral wing' in Greece. Here's how you can help make it a success.

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