DiEM25 collects donations for Palestine Congress after Jewish Voice for Peace bank account suspended

The decision to block Jewish Voice for Peace’s bank accounts is a clear move to starve the organisation of its funds and thus its ability to function but, with your help, it will not succeed

The left-wing, anti-Zionist Jewish NGO – Jewish Voice for Peace (Jüdische Stimme) – has had its bank account blocked in Germany, which is why DiEM25 is throwing its support behind the organisation and asking for the public to help out with donations.

With no explanation, the Berliner Sparkasse bank froze their funds as a “precautionary measure” and demanded a full list of names and addresses of members of Jewish Voice, among other documents.

In 2019, Jewish Voice had already had their bank account closed due to their support for the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which is severely repressed in Germany, even though it’s a completely legal and peaceful movement.

Palestine Congress 2024

This comes just days before the Palestine Congress which will take place in Berlin, which has been repeatedly smeared as antisemitic by German media and politicians, with ongoing attempts to ban it. Jewish Voice’s bank account was being used to receive donations in support of the Congress.

How you can help

The decision to block Jewish Voice for Peace’s bank accounts is a clear move to starve the organisation of its funds and thus its ability to function, but it will not succeed.

We at DiEM25 immediately volunteered to step in and we are now hosting donations in support of the congress.


Please lend your support

At such a delicate and important time for Jewish Voice for Peace, and the wider activist community in regards to the efforts to support Palestine, we would greatly appreciate any donations that would allow the organisation to host the Palestine Congress and to continue helping those in great need.

To make a donation, please click on this link. Any contribution would be gratefully received.

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