DiEM25 lands in Brussels to present its “Citizen Takeover of the EU Institutions”: the first-ever transnational list to contest a European election

On Monday, March 25 we’ll be landing in Brussels to set the alternative to the European Establishment’s There Is No Alternative in motion: the first-ever transnational list to contest a European election!
And we invite you to be part of this historic event!
Here’s what will be happening on that day (see schedule below for specifics on timing and locations):

  • DiEM25 co-founders Yanis Varoufakis and Srećko Horvat will hold a press conference, where they and other European Spring candidates to the European Parliament will present the international progressive alliance we have created.
  • On the evening of Monday, March 25, we will host “A Citizen Takeover of the EU Institutions”, a presentation of the women and men from all corners of Europe who will take our common political programme to the ballot on May 25 – like Génération.s’ Benoît Hamon and LIVRE’s Rui Tavares among others – at the BOZAR theatre. Here we will officially launch our European Spring campaign – embodied in a New Deal for Europe, a set of ambitious economic proposals to save Europe from itself by transforming it.

We will be joined by some very special guests, like activist and human rights lawyer, Laura Álvarez and actress and activist Pamela Anderson. RSVP to attend our event here.

  • On Tuesday, March 26, Yanis Varoufakis will participate in “Road to Europe: The Spitzenkandidaten series”, a Bruegel-Financial Times special event that aims to “explore and challenge the main political parties’ policies for the future of the continent”. For more information, visit the event’s website here.

If you’re interested in attending our event at BOZAR, register here. If you’re a journalist and would like to obtain accreditation for the press conference, please mail BOZAR’s press office at barbara.porteman@bozar.be. If you would like to explore the possibility of an interview with one of our spokespeople, mail DiEM25’s Communications Coordinator at luis.martin@diem25.org.

“A Citizen Takeover of the European Institutions”: Schedule

Press Conference

  • When: Monday, March 25 at 13:00hrs
  • Where: Salon de Réception, BOZAR Theatre, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels
  • Contact: Barbara Porteman | +32 2 507 84 48 | T. +32 479 98 66 04 | barbara.porteman@bozar.be

Main Event

  • When: Monday, March 25 at 19:00hrs (doors open at 18:30)
  • Where: BOZAR Theatre, Henry Le Boeuf Hall, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels * Tickets

European Spring MEP candidates speaking at the event:

  • Yanis Varoufakis
  • Benoît Hamon
  • Srećko Horvat
  • Daniela Platsch
  • Laurent de Sutter
  • Rosita Allinckx
  • Emma Justum-Foundethakis
  • Jacques Terrenoire
  • Fotini Bakadima
  • Erik Edman
  • Rasmus Nordqvist
  • Karin Rohr Genz
  • Rui Tavares
  • Joacine Katar Moreira
  • Neil Harbisson
  • Joanna Bronowicka
  • María Garzón Molina
  • Arantza Azmara Rodríguez
  • Marine Betrancourt
  • Adrian Vlaicu

Special Guests

  • Laura Alvarez
  • Pamela Anderson

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