Yearly Archives: 2018

Electoral Wing

DiEM25's Labour, Employment and Social Protection Policy Paper now in development – Contribute!


It is essential that we can propose European citizens and workers an alternative programme that puts social justice and the reduction of ...

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“European Spring”: The transnational list to present a progressive alternative in 2019 gathers pace


Progressive political forces from across the continent gather in Lisbon to advance their common European agenda ahead of next year’s European ...

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Philip Kelly

You are all Northern Ireland now


The post BREXIT landscape sees two rival blocs with totally different, seemingly irreconcilable national aspirations. Welcome to my world.

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Straight talk on trade, international institutions, Greek austerity and inequality


European austerity is a politics of power. It's a banker protection racket. And the fact is, the strategy has now failed.

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Transnational List - Council Meeting II

Europe's pioneer transnational list council to gather in Lisbon


The list's co-founders, as well as observers representing various political forces from across Europe, will hold their second meeting to ...

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Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron’s European challenge: and the crownless again shall be king?


Contrary to President Macron’s understanding of the authority of democracy, DiEM25 is devoted to constituting a horizontal, spontaneous and ...

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Student Protest in Palermo

The ‘Europeanization’ of schooling: what is a European education?


In an ambitious future, education as a common good means an education enjoyed by the whole community, built by citizens culturally capable of ...

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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, privacy, and the use of data


The solution: break down Facebook’s monopolies.

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