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DiEM25 lands in Brussels to present its “Citizen Takeover of the EU Institutions”: the first-ever transnational list to contest a European election


Join us on Monday in Brussels at the BOZAR Theater to discover what a true alternative for Europe looks like.

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A Citizen Takeover of the EU Institutions | March 25, Brussels, BOZAR


It's time for a citizen takeover of the EU institutions, and we’re staging an event at the very core of the Brussels machine to show you how it ...

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DiEM25 press release on the situation in Algeria


Rather than supporting the debris of a failed system, we must hear the democratic call of the Algerian people and bet on the future!

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The right is waging a war on women. Help us fight them back!


DiEM25 and European Spring partners support gender-balanced MEP candidate lists and a programme that seeks to defend their rights and reclaim ...

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Laurent de Sutter and Rosita Allinckx to lead Belgium’s “Be European Spring” candidates’ lists to the European Parliament elections


Our Green New Deal for Europe is coming to Belgium and you will be able to vote for it on May 26!

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DiEM25 activists gather in Cologne to boost a citizen takeover of the European institutions next May


In the run-up to the European elections, this year's Academy focused on promoting our European Spring manifesto and and the way each of us can ...

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Artists for DiEM25: an online auction


This auction will support DiEM25's transnational campaign, featuring works by a wide range of international artists who share the vision of a ...

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Don't extradite Assange! (petition)


We have recently received confirmation that he has been charged in secret so as to have him extradited to the USA as soon as he can be arrested.

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