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European Spring lands in Warsaw


With partners from all corners of Europe, our common list for the 2019 European elections takes shape at a packed event in Poland.

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DiEM25 supports de Magistris and other brave Italian mayors’ decision to #Let_Them_In | #Aquarius


When the Italian government shuts its ports to migrants, it is time for cities to disobey and keep them open.

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European Spring Council agrees political programme ahead of 2019 European Parliament elections


We passed the first draft of the common progressive agenda that we will take to the ballots in 2019.

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The European Spring’s continuing Open Call to Europe’s progressive forces


This is why European Spring is working hard on a coherent, comprehensive New Deal for Europe

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Fighting the Martina Decree: We won the first battle!


We obtained a first, very important victory today: but this is only the first battle.

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DiEM25 salutes the Spanish parliament’s decision to move past Rajoy to a new era of change


Spain must now seize the opportunity not only to halt austerity, but also to repair and rebuild our common European project.

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DiEM25 lands in South Africa


Yanis Varoufakis and Mr Pravin Gordham agreed to establish a dialogue between the African National Congress (ANC) and DiEM25.

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Europe must distance itself from the Israeli government


Europe must condemn an American foreign policy that is blatantly guided by cynical geopolitical goals in the region, for the sake of which the ...

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