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A European Rent Strike is necessary to prepare the World After Coronavirus


We are calling for a rent strike aimed at serving the interest of millions of people with precarious access to basic goods.

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Our Green New Deal for Europe Tour around Belgium and France


A great initiative to mobilise citizens for our powerful social and ecological programme for Europe At DiEM25, we know that power has to be ...

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Internationalism against reactionary violence



Enforcing internationalism through fighting for common progress is the best defence against reactionary violence.

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Police violence on the rise in France


Police violence is on the rise in France. We, at DiEM25, invite all Europeans to stand up in solidarity with all citizens demonstrating for ...

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Why pensions are a European issue, and why the strike also is (and what you can do to help)


The role of political organisations certainly isn’t to substitute for the workers or their trade unions. However, they may at any time help ...

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Lille 19/12/10 demonstration against retirement law

Sweden: A clear counter-example for pensions


While the general rate of redistribution of wealth in Sweden is relatively high, this country has had a real push on the question of pension ...

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What next for the Gilets Jaunes?


The protests reveal a France that is struggling to make ends meet.

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The European Evolution


Not only do we, the members of DiEM25 participating in the European Spring, want to bring the hope of a renewed Europe, but with it the ...

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