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Following EU practices and other eco-myths



On environmental policies, the EU must mediate this process through citizens' assemblies and activists, not careerists and lobbyists

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Government and police side with fascists in Montenegro


During the country’s Statehood Day, there was a peaceful celebration of antifascists. Yet police opted to defend the fascists who interrupted ...

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A brown day for Europe


Gas and nuclear energy are being painted green, but we will not stop in our efforts to bring about a genuine renewable energy transition

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Lessons of radical activism from the animal rights movement



A look at some of the methods used by the animal rights movement and whether they could be applied to other activist causes 

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Europe will only be green when it overthrows its oligarchy



The European Commission's 'Green Deal' is woefully inadequate. We need Europeans on the streets and MeRA25 in parliaments

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Preparing to flood the streets


DiEM25 is preparing to have more of an active presence on the streets through campaigns and initiatives, but we need you to join our cause.

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Nuclear is not green


To be clear, nuclear power is not green. And it cannot be. It is not a good end goal, nor a transitioning solution.

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Fit for the 1%: The failure of the EU’s Fit for 55 plan


The European Commission's Green Deal is a deal between politicians and oligarchs. Ours is a deal between humanity and nature.

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Why we need to liberate animals as part of the Green New Deal


Just like “ecology without class struggle is just gardening”, human rights without animal liberation is just a farce.

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