A brown day for Europe

Gas and nuclear energy are being painted green, but we will not stop in our efforts to bring about a genuine renewable energy transition

The European Commission has agreed with EU parliament members not only to slow, but to dispute, the green transition. The taxonomy has become brown – gas and nuclear energy are labelled as ‘green’ energy.

We at DiEM25 warned the public that nuclear energy is a starting point for nuclear weapons, and that it’s unreliable, expensive, dangerous and slow to install; while gas is finite, destructive, and contributes to the problem that the Commission claims to want to solve.

We’ve collectively put a lot of work and resources into our Don’t Paint It Green campaign which offered the chance to sign our petition, tweet to the president of the Commission and send an email to MEPs and others. And we didn’t stop there. Our comrades appeared right in front of the parliament in hazmat suits with a barrel expressing concern and stating loudly: Overthrow the oligarchy! 


However, this is not the end. We definitely value all of your efforts in helping us and we won’t give up. DiEM25 is going to endorse any type of a legal action against this brown taxonomy, and we will be present on the streets and in online spaces to oppose this charade. You can expect more news from us on this matter soon.

But, as you know, we need the funds to make this happen. We don’t rely on any institutions or government money, as we are solely grassroots funded. If you’d like to see more of our direct actions, like the one above that we did in Strasbourg, please donate.

Or even better, if you’d like to join us to plan and run our Don’t Paint It Green campaign: sign-up here and get in touch!

We won’t let the Commission and the parliament put a final nail in the coffin of a green Europe – the only Europe that has a future.

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