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The “far right-conservative revolution” will hit the most vulnerable first


On October 12, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Berlin with a clear message: we are indivisible!

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Chemnitz #C2708: Facism is back


We deeply despise the outrageous Nazi riots that took place in the city of Chemnitz on Monday.

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Saving lives along The Pier


An active alliance of civil society organisations and activists has founded The Pier, and DiEM25 activists are stepping up to support this cause.

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1st of May in Belgrade

1st of May in Belgrade


It was a great day for DiEM. We spent the day speaking face-to-face with each other, giving differences a common ground, returning to what has ...

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#DefendAfrin is over, but not yet


What is there left to say on a dark day like today? How can we even respond with words to what has happened in Afrin? The truth is, we can’t ...

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For The Times They Are A-Changing


We need to establish party wings while ensuring that the movement takes the lead. We need these dialectics in our struggle for more democracy in ...

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A woman's place is in the revolution

The faces behind the hashtags and Deneuve


Two young political activists looking at #MeToo.

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Our climate crisis is also a crisis of democracy and imagination


A member of our local group in Munich explains why we should all support the ‘#Raus-aus-der-Steinkohle’ campaign.

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