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We need you, now! Help MERA25 Germany make the ballot in 2024


Our candidates are ready, our campaign narrative is set and now we need your help to collect 5,000 signatures

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Die Linke’s split: Sahra Wagenknecht’s new party is outdated before it’s even launched



Those who want real change in Germany are asking themselves: can her plan really be more of the same?

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A new name for paradise beyond ‘Degrowth’ and ‘Green New Deal’


What is degrowth and what is a Green New Deal? What do they have in common? What is happening with those concepts nowadays in Europe? Why do we ...

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Nordstream sabotage: Fossil age over for good



Regardless of who blew it up - the Nordstream gas pipeline is history. Here is what must happen now to gain energy independence

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MeRA25 in Greece and everywhere: Head on against the oligarchy


Report from the first big congress of our Greek electoral wing MeRA25 working head on against the oligarchy

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Return to Greece: Our journey to the first MeRA25 party congress


On June 4, Clemens Holtmann and Johannes Fehr — Members of Demokratie in Europa — travelled to Greece to attend MeRA25's party Congress.

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A citizen takeover of the EU institutions


Election campaign kick-off. Discussion with Yanis Varoufakis and other DiEM25-endorsed candidates about a new form of politics.

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