MeRA25 in Greece and everywhere: Head on against the oligarchy

Report from the first big congress of our Greek electoral wing MeRA25 working head on against the oligarchy. Or to say it with MeRA25’s new rallying cry: ‘Riksi’ (Ρήξη), which translates to ‘rupture’ of today’s system

MeRA25 Greece is the first electoral wing of DiEM25 to make it to parliament, setting off with our guidelines to be “Not just another political party”. The congress taking place in Athens was another example of an organisation following up with its guiding model, principles and pathway. 625 delegates and guests were participating in the congress directly and the voting took place online to ensure inclusive participation by people that could not be present in person.

The congress was held in a welcoming atmosphere made by people for people, but at the same time with a fighting spirit to take on the oligarchy and the status quo with MeRA25’s new rallying cry ‘Riksi’ (Ρήξη), which translates to ‘rupture’ today’s system. Powerful speeches were held by Maria Apatzidi and Kleon Grigoriadis, from the MeRA25 MP group in the Hellenic parliament, and many more.

Kleon Grigoriadis during his speech

The congress gives MeRA25 a clear direction and basis to achieve what we all need in order to make real change: To rupture today’s system and not refrain from calling out those whom we are working against. This is a similar stance to the one DiEM25 has taken by renewing its Manifesto to say: “Europe will be democratised, once the oligarchy is overthrown!

MeRA25’s national direction is currently voted on by all members of DiEM25 – as it should be in a truly transnational movement – to decide about 7+1 Policies as the foundation of a Popular Front – Preconditions for participating in any government coalition in Greece. This vote will, if DiEM25 members agree, make sure that MeRA25 is working towards a broad Popular Front that challenges the oligarchy’s hold over the people of Greece and does not participate in any government coalition that the oligarchy approves and tolerates.

Alongside the  congress, Yanis Varoufakis, Ece Temelkuran and Jeremy Corbyn announced a new Non Aligned Movement by presenting the Athens Declaration, a much needed new pathway to withstand the drums of war. Ece and Jeremy also presented their reasoning at the conference and proved again that MeRA25 is not just another national political party, but an integral part of DiEM25 and the Progressive International.

We had the privilege to visit the congress in Athens as representatives of MERA25 Germany and we will work hard to deliver what we promised in our speech at the congress: “We are fighting together!”

“Dear comrades,

We are Johannes and Judith and we greet you warmly from MERA25… MERA25 Germany!

Your party and your successes are a great source of inspiration for us.

Just as Greece has always been a source of inspiration for Germans. Your ancient civilisation, your democracy, your struggle for liberation. And more recently your hospitality, but also the tradition and the liveliness of the political struggle in the streets.

You know, in Germany this does not happen. Like work, we have outsourced the struggle for wages and better working conditions.

It’s in the hands of the big, very big, German unions, who negotiate with the employers’ representatives. Ordinary workers hardly enter this process any more. Does this idea sound good to you?

They often negotiate only for themselves, resulting in workers losing purchasing power every year for 15 years.

You simply can’t outsource the struggle – some people fight for the rights of all and the rest go to the beach. You need everyone to get active.

Now German workers don’t even have the right to fight anymore – demonstrations need the permission of the town hall and strikes are basically illegal. Police everywhere, justice nowhere.

In Germany, the delivery workers have failed to organise effectively. Yes, we too have delivery companies in Germany who exploit them very badly.

We too have difficulties paying for ever more expensive electricity, pensioners rummage through the rubbish and young people can’t find work. Rich foreigners are buying our houses while we are unable to afford the rent.

The problems of our time are international.

As the central banks print money and distribute it to the big corporations and oligarchs of the world, they use that money to buy both my apartment in Berlin and yours in Athens, to put them both on Airbnb. Zuckerberg and the NSA control us both.

We in Germany also have this abomination called the Energy Exchange. Not to mention climate change and the pandemic. The problems of our time are international.

That is why they require international solutions. The solutions of DiEM25, the Progressive International and MERA25 in Germany and all countries. To the new darkness we answer with light! In our city, in our country, on our planet!

From our German party, our message is that you are not alone. No one is alone and no one can outsource their struggle. Everyone is needed, at the ballot box and in the streets.

We stand together. We help each other. We will change the inhuman policies of Germany and you will change the inhuman policies of Greece.

And we will win together!

Dear comrades, we thank you!”

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