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MeRA25 in Greece and everywhere: Head on against the oligarchy


Report from the first big congress of our Greek electoral wing MeRA25 working head on against the oligarchy

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Great Firewall of Europe forming under Russia pretext



The Ukraine war is being used as a pretext to block political content, which is certain to be exploited for wider reaching censorship.

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Markets are catching up to Facebook‘s demise


Mark Zuckerberg isn't in the business of creating a pleasure machine. He just wants the ad revenue from all the hours spent in his metaverse.

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Should liberal capitalism be saved?


As philosopher Slavoj Žižek once said, it is a remarkable sign of our times that even the brightest minds would rather fathom the end of the ...

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Who to trust more – Greens or DiEM25? – on climate?


In late April, DiEM25 founder Yanis Varoufakis participated in a debate with Sven Giegold, lead candidate of the German Greens. After two very ...

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Pamela Anderson supports democracy in Europe – DiEM25


Pamela Anderson presented her election poster advertising for the Green New Deal last week in Berlin. Nationwide there will be about 1000 posters.

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Austerity, Xenophobia, Euro and Environment – DiEM25 and European Spring event, Berlin 24/1/2019


With xenophobic and authoritarian forces rising across the EU, economies not yet back to pre-2008 levels, Eurozone ‘exits' becoming more likely ...

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Letter from the CC about the Italian municipal elections 2017


In the Italian municipal elections, the Coordinating Collective supports citizens-led coalitions that are close to DiEM25's manifesto, to create ...

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Hillary Clinton and David Cameron

The Establishment Gambled and Lost


Trump’s election is the second time in a few months that a vote has left the establishment confused and scared in its wake. The first such ...

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