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End the pointless war



The impact of the tragic and unnecessary war in Ukraine is being increasingly felt on the poor and precarious

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The Establishment seeks to maintain nuclear weapons: Here’s how to oppose them


Sustained mass activism must be used to pressure nuclear weapon states to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

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Despite treaties, nuclear weapons remain


As of 22 January, nuclear weapons are illegal under international law. But unless we act decisively, this will remain a symbolic action.

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On the right’s perverse hijacking of the left’s “populism”



The root causes of a lack of a peaceful transfer of power remain unsaid. The EU should reflect on its own democratic deficiencies.

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The democratic deficit in the US should lead us to examine our own in Europe


With the US second-to-last for electoral integrity amongst liberal democracies, we need to turn our attention to the democratic deficit within the EU.

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Policies of hate and intolerance must not be allowed to take centre-stage


Macron and Erdoğan, along with their contemporaries who prefer harsh words and confrontational actions, are paving a dangerous road for humanity.

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Towards International Agrarian Reform: What role would Europe play?


The CAP enables producers to keep prices artificially low, often below production cost, making it impossible for small producers to compete.

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Next year in Jerusalem: The Serbian Embassy and Kosovo go on pilgrimage with Trump



For the general populations, the Kosovo-Serbia moratorium agreement offers a lose-lose with lasting negative international consequences.

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No false “Pax Mediterranea”


Let us divert the billions poured on war preparations towards dealing with the human catastrophes we are witnessing in the Mediterranean.

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