End the pointless war

Realistic measures must be implemented immediately

The impact of the tragic and unnecessary war in Ukraine is being increasingly felt on the poor and precarious. With double digit energy and food price increases – and a high likelihood of shortage in basic foods – we are heading towards global calamity. While international systems of cooperation are failing, our ‘leaders’ are talking war. Instead of focusing on the health and wellbeing of their residents, our ‘governments’ are shipping arms. The lack of resources for teachers, nurses and essential workers continues while funds suddenly appear for guns.

Our democracies have essentially failed. Militaristic decisions are no longer subject to parliamentary approval and no deliberation is needed when gambling with lives. What is essential for life is left at the door while the red carpet is rolled out for bureaucracy-free defence spending.

At DiEM25 we say: No more. And we have been calling for a just transition with our Green New Deal for Europe that realigns political priorities towards people – not profit. Our plan begins by calling for a bottom-up approach to local decision making – a critical first step to bring power back to the population. Decisions that affect the future of people must be made by them. Not by tax-haven domiciled shell companies.

Rising energy costs did not need to take place under our programme. If implemented, our policies on housing not only reduce the financial burden for roofs over our heads, but drastically reduce heating and cooling costs and related emissions. We further propose an energy allowance to eliminate energy poverty for millions of people. Further reducing costs for our families is the step to make public transport free through our Mobility Cohesion Fund. Recognising the extreme polluting and destabilising cost of wars, we further call for an International Convention for the Elimination of War Industry and put our scarce resources to reverse the climate catastrophe.

These programmes can be implemented today only if there is sufficient political will. If there is readiness to spill more blood, then the reluctance to warm our homes, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and lower our costs of living becomes an open secret.

We invite the public to study our Green New Deal for Europe and get involved in realising it. It is only through concerted efforts by and for the public that our personal and communal liberty can be achieved.

This article was authored by Amir Kiyaei who is a member of the Peace and International Policy Thematic Collective

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