Stop the War in Ukraine

Stop Putin’s invasion. Stop NATO escalation. Peace via a people’s diplomacy!

The 24th of February will be remembered as a dark day for Europe: Russia has attacked Ukraine. The geopolitical games between Putin and NATO have led to war, and Europe’s peoples are the great losers, as the EU has, once again, proven itself powerless and irrelevant.

Today’s top priority must be to stop the war, to return Russian troops to base and to start a real peace process. The immediate cessation of hostilities and a permanent peace must be the objective. Unfortunately, the rulers in Moscow, Washington and in the EU, who either caused the tensions or did nothing to stop their escalation, have shown themselves incapable of initiating a viable peace process.

DiEM25 is calling upon progressives in Europe, Russia, the United States, and across the whole world to energise a new internationalist peace movement with the sole objective of disarming the global military-industrial complex and working through a people’s diplomacy – one that has humanity’s interests at heart – toward internationalist solidarity, cooperation and peace.

Wars sacrifice common people for the benefit of those in power and the profits of the 1%. To stop them and prevent them, we need real democracy.

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