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We have white smoke! The results of MeRA25′ electoral program vote


The basic principle of DiEM25 – and MeRA25′ of course – is our internal democratic processes. MeRA25′ electoral program was voted in favour by ...

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You are a member of DiEM25 – MeRA25? You’re fired! Political persecutions in 2018


We received a message today which shocked us. We share it withholding the names of those involved, for obvious reasons. “So, I lived to see ...

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A shame for Europe (and unfortunately for SYRIZA too)


The agreement between the EU and Turkey on refugees is one more example of how hypocrisy is becoming an integral part of how the EU deals with ...

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The dark side of the Turkish referendum


How we got here The situation in Turkey during the time before the referendum could well be described as a Chronicle of a Death Foretold . ...

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Rome Event Cover

This weekend, DiEM25 lands in Rome to present its "European New Deal": our alternative to "There Is No Alternative"


Over three days of events and important announcements. And we invite you to be part of it!

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Britain needs DiEM25; and DiEM25 needs Britain

One year since the troika imposed capital controls on Greece


One year since the troika imposed capital controls on Greece, the struggle of the Greek people has become the struggle to save Europe.

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