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Free Julian Assange


Freedom of speech is just an empty phrase without the freedom of Assange. Releasing Julian Assange is essential to restoring his health after almost a…

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Julian Assange allowed to appeal US extradition: We will continue to fight


Julian Assange’s push for freedom has received a boost after judges at the UK high court in London granted him the right to appeal his…

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World Press Freedom Day: We continue to demand Julian Assange’s immediate release


On World Press Freedom Day, we remind the world about Julian Assange’s ongoing fight for freedom and reiterate our support for the WikiLeaks founder. His…

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Julian Assange allowed to appeal US extradition… but the fight is far from over


The United Kingdom's High Court has ruled that Julian Assange will, for now, not be extradited to the United States on espionage charges and has…

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Srećko Horvat: They’re killing Assange because they want to cover up their crimes


The focus of our most recent livestream discussion could not have been anything other than the case of Julian Assange, as the WikiLeaks founder faces…

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The US is going after Assange for exposing its war machine


The hearing ended without a judgement, for which we will likely have to wait weeks. In the meantime, the campaign for Assange’s freedom grows As…

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US treatment of Assange much harsher than that of former spy who turned against the CIA


A look back to alternative historical figures and events to expand our argument for Assange's freedom The line between journalist and spy seems to have…

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Free Assange: Ulster/Uladh Collective’s on-street action on February 20


Members of the Ulster/Uladh Collective (Ireland) are arranging a Free Assange on-street action at Derry Peace Bridge on February 20 Day X is here. It…

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Members from Belfast and Dublin pressure Biden to free Assange


The main theme of the action was to call on the US president to drop the legal proceedings against Assange, exactly four years since he…

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