European Spring alliance grows with new members Actúa and Nouvelle Donne!

Following the official presentation of our European Spring electoral programme in Warsaw last June, this time we gathered in Frankfurt to welcome two new members to our growing alliance, Actúa and Nouvelle Donne, and finalise the ground-breaking electoral programme that we will take to a ballot box near you in May 2019!
Here’s what happened:
The day kicked-off at DGB – Gewerkschaftshaus in Frankfurt, with a short introduction by David Adler (DiEM25) and Agnieszka Dziemanowicz-Bak (Razem, co-chair of European Spring Council).

Each European Spring Council representative then gave a short update about the political situation in their countries: Poland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Greece and France.

These country-by-country updates were followed by a discussion of the 27 pages of comments and amendments that we received from members of the public on our Green New Deal for Europe electoral programme.

After a detailed discussion, the European Spring Council approved the electoral programme, together with an additional document entitled ‘A Sustainable Way of Life: European Spring’s Vision for Europe’, which lays out the European Spring‘s vision on municipalism and sustainability.

We started the public session later in the evening by showing our latest video presenting European Spring.

David Adler (DiEM25) and Agnieszka Dziemanowicz-Bak (Razem, co-chair of European Spring Council) then took to the stage to present the outcomes of the 4th European Spring Council meeting.
This was followed by a video message from Yanis Varoufakis, DiEM25 co-founder, and Lorenzo Marsili, DiEM25 Coordinating Collective member, who were in Rome on the same day to officially present the electoral bid of our Italian electoral wing ahead of the May 2019 European Parliament elections.

The public session concluded with a question and answer session between members of the European Spring Council and the audience.
The European Spring Council will meet again later this year, with the location yet to be announced.
As before, the conclusions of this meeting will soon be made available online by all participating organisations.

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