Honouring Oxi Day and recognising the struggle that continues today

October 28, 1940, constitutes the first pan-Hellenic uprising of the Greek people against the forces of fascism and Nazism.

The anniversary of the famous “OXI” (No) is a celebration of when, 82 years ago, the Greek people, without considering the possibility of defeat, fully accepting the superiority of the would-be foreign conquerors and their supporters, shouted a loud and brave ‘OXI’.

October 28, 1940 marks the greatness of a small people who said a huge ‘NO’ where it counted the most, regardless of the temporary cost, even when the enemy was ironclad.

MERA25 honours the memory of that glorious day and its people who knew that the only way to live freely is by refusing to capitulate to all kinds of conquerors.

Today, 82 years later, some are trying to resurrect the fascist beast in Greece, Europe and the world.

Today, when some dare to reproduce the various unhistorical “theories of two extremes”, it is still important to honour and remember the only real relationship that the Left, progressive and democratic citizens ever had with fascism and Nazism. That ‘relationship’ is being united in its rejection.

At the same time, however, because the snake’s egg is incubated with the policies of impoverishing the people, as a convenient way out for the system, our battle against fascism and Nazism today must also be a constant battle against the class and toxic policies that give birth to it, feed it, reproduce it and maintain it.

The struggle continues today

Finally, a day after the visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Greece, and despite the fact that prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis timidly chanted that the issue of German reparations remains open for our country, the Government has done absolutely nothing – as the previous one and the previous ones did – on the issue of paying these reparations, repaying the occupation loan, returning the stolen cultural treasures and compensating the victims of the atrocities.

The matter of the debts that Germany owes Greece remains and will remain open as a leading anti-fascist demand that consolidates world peace at a time when new imperialist wars are being waged and Germany is preparing a 100 billion euro armament programme.

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